Resident Medical Officer

We are pleased to announce that Dr.Yew Su-Jin, Resident Medial Officer, will be commencing her practice at our Centre with effect from 2nd January 2015.

Dr Yew who graduated MBBS degree from Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology in year 2009 has served as houseman in Hospital SultanahBahiyah, Alor Star and Medical Officer in KlinikKesihatan Bandar Baharu, Kedah.

Upon returning to Penang, Dr Yew has various clinical experiences working in private and government clinics based on primary healthcare and primary prevention programmes. Among her specialties are handling Non Comunicablediseases (Diabetes/Hypertension/Dyslipidemia/Bronchiol Asthma) , Communicable diseases (Tuberculosis/STD/HIV) and antenatal care.

Dr Yew offers warm and friendly environment for general outpatient, for both children and adults. Her clinic hours are from 730am to 530pm daily and can be contacted at +604-8299188. Her email address is .