Resident Consultant Plastic Surgeon
M.D. (Canada)
Master of Surgery ( Plastic Surgery- USM)
International Fellowship ( Hanyang University, Seoul)
Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship ( Bio Clinic, Seoul)
MMC No: 41743

Year 1996- Diploma In Medical Sciences in International Medical College
Year 2003 – graduated from University of Alberta, Canada, amongst top 100 universities in the world
Year 2013- obtained Master of Plastic Surgery in University Sains Malaysia
Membership Exam
Member of Royal College Of Surgeons, Edinburgh


Year 2005
Certified Independent Medical Assessor,
to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

National Specialist Registration ( NSR)
Year 2015 – Obtained National Specialist Registration as Plastic Surgeon
NSR No: 131662


1. Winner
Free Paper Presentation
Topic – Two Stage Penile Reconstruction
10th Sabah State Clinical Conference,
November 6 – November 8, 2008

2. Winner
Poster Presentation
Topic – Post Auricular, Random Flap, Pinna Reconstruction
10th Sabah State Clinical Conference
November 6 – November 8, 2008



Malaysian Medical Journal (MMJ) , October 2008,
R. Sasidaran, J. Singh, J. Ranjit, S. Ajik, T.B. Wong,
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Year 2008
10th Sabah State Clinical Conference,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Year 2007
22ND Instructional Course on Basic Microsurgery,
Attended the course that was Organized by Singapore General Hospital, Singapore.

Medico-Legal Conference,
Participated in the above conference that was organized by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri
Sabah (JKNS),Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Year 2006
Kursus Perasa,
Participated in the above course that was organized by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah
(JKNS), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

9th Sabah State Clinical Conference,
Keningau, Sabah.

Year 2005
Basic Surgical Skills Workshop,
Attended the above workshop, organised by General Surgery Department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah.


Working Experiences:

Year 2003 – Housemanship, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Year 2005 – Medical Officer, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Year 2007 – Medical Officer, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
Year 2009 – Specialist Training in Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Sciences,
Hospital University Sains Malaysia, Kelantan
Year 2013 – Plastic Surgeon in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Year 2017 – Resident Plastic Surgeon in CCMC





Medical Officer
Health Screening Doctor
MMC, 39036

Dr. Sreedharan is from Penang, he graduated from Kasturba Medical College { MAHE ) India , in 2002 as a Medical Doctor. After completing 1 years of internship at Hospital Taiping, he was recruited as a Medical Officer in the Department of Psychiatry in the same hospital, handling patients in the general psychiatric.


In 2004, Dr. Sreedharan started the journey of venturing himself into primary care setting. He worked as a Medical Officer in Selama District Hospital charge of a government health clinic for a year, managing both the general outpatient department (emphasis given on running hypertension and diabetes clinic), as well as the maternal & child health department (MCHD). During his tenureship with the primary care service, she had been actively involved in various public health awareness campaigns organized by the district health office.


In 2005, Dr. Sreedharan return to Taiping Hospital to serve as a senior Medical Officer in the Surgical department managing the Trauma Centre , Wound Care Team and Palliative Cancer . In continuance to the community service, Dr. Sreedharan served as member of Rotary Club of Kamunting , Taiping . He was elected as the President of Rotary Club Kamunting in the Year 2007 to 2008, as the first youngest Rotary President . He brought the cancer awareness project to Rotary International and establish the Palliative Cancer Wing in Taiping Hospital with Rotary International Funding. He received the Rotary International Paul Harris Award in 2008 for his contribution towards cancer awareness . Till date he continues to serve as a member of Rotary Club and is one of the committee member for Perak State Cancer Awareness Committee.


In 2009, Dr. Sreedharan left the government service to work in private sector . To-date , Dr.Sreedharan has been working in private health screening centers for more than 8 years . He has significant experience in performing various health screening procedure, executing wellness programs, holding medical consultation as well as diagnosing various common diseases and administering treatment for them. He is skilled in performing ultrasonography on and carrying out treadmill stress tests.


Dr. Sreedharan special field of interest is in Advanced Wound Care in Acute and Chronic Wounds especially in Diabetic Foot Ulcers to prevent limb amputations and Nutrition. In 2016, Dr. Sreedharan received the Golden European Award in recognition his work in Advance Wound Care in Dubai .


Dr. Sreedharan is also actively involved with the State Government as Medical Advisor for Penang Rugby Board .


Key job competency: Extensive experience in health screening, preventive medicine, Nutrition and Advance Wound Care