Our Kidney & Diabetes Care Centre provides a holistic approach in the management  and treatment of kidney and diabetes diseases. We focus on prevention, education and comprehensive disease management in order to provide our valued Patients with the much needed knowledge, information, counseling and emotional support. This will in turn help them to effectively manage their disease and subsequently enjoy a better quality of life.

Embracing the Sweet Essence of Life!

At Carl Corrynton Kidney & Diabetes Care Centre, each Patient will be taken through a detailed clinical and biochemical assessment of his/her diabetic control and kidney function. In addition, we will also assess Patients with difficult and resistant hypertension. This detailed assessment include:

  • Consultation by our Nephrologist.
  • Diagnostic imaging services.
  • Thorough blood assessment to determine renal function, blood glucose, HbA1C, Urine FEME and blood pressure monitoring.

Our Consultants believe that early detection and proper management of both kidney and diabetes diseases will reduce the possibility of deterioration. Ultimately, it is our aim to ensure that our patients are able to enjoy the Sweet Essence of Life in spite of their condition.


Therapeutic Services:

  • Management of Kidney & Diabetes Disease
  • Management of Difficult or Resistant Hypertension
  • Management of Gout and Urate Nephropathy
  • Management of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections and Pyelonephritis
  • Management of SLE and Vasculitides
  • Management of Glomerulonephritis
  • Management of Other Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Management of Haemodialysis and CAPD Patients with Renal Failure
  • Home Dialysis Report (CAPD, APD, NxStage)
  • Personal Diabetic Management
  • Kidney Care and Correct
  • Regenerative Rx